Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advent Creed

This has been my reflection for this morning. (Thank you Deb for sharing it with me). We used it in our service this morning and numerous people came to me with reflections on it's words. The line that has moved me today is "ruler alike of darkness and light.' Our presbytery was kindly reminded by Sandra recently to be aware and sensitive using the images of darkness and light. I have come to appreciate 'emmanuel' God with 'me' in the dark or shadow, or deep and difficult times of life. Happy New Year everyone. May you be awakened this season to the light of Christ.

Darkness and Light: A Creed for Advent

We believe in God, robed in splendour,

veiled in mystery,

ruler alike of darkness and light.

We encounter God in Jesus Christ,

who was tested and put to death,

but whose radiance could not be quenched;

whose touch brings a blaze of colour

to a dull, drab world:

reviving the weary, healing the wounded,

unsettling the satisfied.

We walk with God,

guided by the light of God’s loving spirit;

the light which enters the shadowed places

of our hearts and leads us into truth and life.

We wait for God,

and for the fulfillment of God’s promises;

for the time when the darkness will hold no fear

and the light will show the way,

and creation will be made whole once more

and God’s peace will reign forever.


Cally Booker, Candles and Conifers (adapted)

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