Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Playground of God ~ by Joyce Rupp

If I could share my treasures with you
I would constantly send you blessings
from the depths and beauty of each day.

I would seal your smile with sunshine;
I would leaf your walk of life
with the tenderest of greens
and the deepest of autumns.

I would catch at least three rainbows,
and set a seagull on each one
to sail you constant hellos
from the heart of the Transcendent.

I would whisper wonderings
from silent nooks of mountain tops
and the humming heart of the sea.

I would call for the deer
and all the tender animals
to run with you in happiness.

I would ask each tree
in her most majestic mood
to cover you with constant care.

I would breeze in billowy clouds
to share their rainy wanderings
when you need to feel washed new.

I would take you by the hand
and hold your heart near mine,
to let you hear the constant love
bounding forth from me.

and most of all

I would join my heart with yours
and have you share the path of love
that God has caused and carved
in the shadows of my soul.

                                   ~Joyce Rupp, May I have This Dance


  1. So great is God that he understands and accepts our human failings--our propensity to change our minds. He accepts that we have moods and sometimes either deliberately do bad things or simply make mistakes. He made us; he was there, too, when we fell.