Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Breathe

It's my turn to struggle with what to put on the blog and today I can't even find a poem I like - that's impossible.
Perhaps it's because it's so cold out all of a sudden that I feel like I should be curled up under a blanket next to a warm fire.
Or maybe it is some of the responses I have read or heard from colleagues this week that has been disheartening.
Perhaps it's because it's election time in Squamish and some of the political arguments I read yesterday about non-profits and churches just out to money grab got me a little down.
Or what about the guy who came into the office and ranted at me about how no one comes to churches because they are full of 'crap' and are just out to get our money and not willing to help anyone in need.
Or maybe it's because this Sunday we are having a remembrance day service and so even prepping worship this week has been lament.
It makes me think of those days I'm nervous to go into a meeting and I know I should have a wise devotional but "I got nothing"
It's not that I'm down or depressed. I'm actually in a really good space in life.
So instead of writing something wise today I've decided to just write something honest and say the goal for today is to 'just breathe.' Breathe in the breath of life.... that's all... just breathe....close your eyes take a deep breath and breathe...breathe

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