Monday, March 5, 2012

Slow Down and Catch Up

The other day I was walking fast up a steep incline to get to a meeting.  I was a bit behind, the parking was not close, and I knew I was late!  As I walked my breathing grew loud and I thought how my lungs and heart were working to keep me going - and my legs were slowing down to let me catch up. 
I was forced to slow down to catch up.  Does that make sense?  Don’t we have to speed up to catch up?   We speak about slowing down to let others catch up with us.  But as I grow older (as I grow more out of shape) I realize I have to slow down some parts of myself to let other parts catch up. 
Ancient wisdom tells us “Be still and know that I Am God.”  And my spirit continues this wisdom with... “I Am as near to you as the breath that renews you.”   I suspect my spirit may always know this, but my head gets so busy feeling responsible! 
No matter what is on your plate today - what tasks are before you - stop now for long enough to breathe in deeply and be filled.  Now breathe again - and hold that breath - feel it moving through your body - spreading out even to your fingers and toes.  Breathe out and in again.  Hold your breath - cradle it and let it cradle you.  Breathe out again.  Of course you will continue this simple action through all that fills your day.  In the midst of your busy-ness, be assured that I Am is with you, inviting you to slow down and catch up. 
Sharon Copeman

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