Friday, June 8, 2012


...taken from a gem of a book given to me after 

the BC Conference meeting last weekend

 ~ Praying with the Earth - A Prayerbook for Peace 

by  J Philip Newell...  

In lives where love has been born this day 

thanks be to you, O God.

In families where forgiveness has been strong

thanks be to you.

In nations where wrongs have been addressed 

where tenderness has been cherished

and where visions for earth’s oneness have been served

thanks be to you.

May those who are weary find rest this night.

May those who carry great burdens for their people 

find strength.

May the midwives of new beginnings in our world find hope.

And may the least among us find greatness

strength in our souls

worth in our words

love in our living.



Sharon Copeman

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