Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One of the results of the initial Spiritual Practice Challenge was some folks from Squamish United joined in. The second result was this year we made an advent calendar of spiritual practice.
The feedback from the congregation has been encouraging. Several have reflected that they are engaging in advent in a way they never before. Suddenly when John the Baptist showed up this week people had a bit of an idea of what "Preparing the way" might look like.
In the advent calendar Some days the practice may be something as simple as take notice...
This Sunday one of the practice options was "Go for a walk to notice life in the cold winter season. Notice the salmon, the eagles, the fall leaves, the mountains, the snow(?)...."

That morning as Carol and Wilf looked out there window this is what they saw. Then they came to church and heard the a reading and message from Isaiah 11.

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  1. That same week, Will came downstairs one morning to be greeted by our two cats and Julia's hamster (escaped from the cage), all peacefully waiting for breakfast! Hmmmm....

    Still, we got the cage fixed... no need to tempt nature too much!