Monday, June 27, 2011

Finding time

Undertaking a regular spiritual practice requires accommodating to family life.

Finding a regular time and place that also works with the schedule and needs of others is often a make or break accomplishment in our discipline and self care.

Sometimes we can have a conversation, and negotiate, time for our meditation.

And sometimes we just try and go ahead letting others around us continue with their routine.

Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t, as in this story from Foster Freed:

“Life’s little lessons come in all shapes and sizes. Wednesday morning, when I was all set to return to my Yoga mat, I noticed that my cat “Cinnamon” was relaxing comfortably on one edge of the mat. I decided that we could share.

Not a good decision.

Obviously one of my movements struck her as either an invitation to play, or an affront to her dignity. Despite the fact that her front claws were removed many years ago, Cinnamon proved herself quite capable of inflicting bite marks to the front of one arm, and matching pairs of back-claw scratch marks to the inside of both arms, roughly two inches below my wrists.

And so, while some Christian mystics boast of their stigmata, for a few days this June, I am able to boast of my cinnamata as well as this profound piece of new-found mystic wisdom: when planning on making use of a Yoga mat, move the cat first.”

As you shift gears into your summer routine, remember to move the cat first!!

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