Monday, June 6, 2011

To the Edges

Often in ministry, often in life, we experience working at the edges.

Perhaps it is with people at the edges,

or the edge of our ability and skill,

or at the edge of exhaustion.

There is territory, and an edge, that is different, that fills us, that suddenly feels like 'center', like home.

This prayer expresses it for me, and I have often used it to sink into silence, into the affection of God. The edge that renews me for all the other edges!

God, let us rise to the edges of time and

open our lives to your eternity;

let us run to the edges of space and

gaze into your immensity;

let us climb through the barriers of sound and

pass into your silence;

and then in stillness and silence

let us adore You,

You who are Life, Light, Love

without beginning and without end,

the Source, the Sustainer, the Restorer,

the Purifier of all that is;

the Lover who has bound earth to heaven

by the beams of a cross;

The Healer who has renewed a dying race

by the blood of a chalice;

the God who has taken humankind into your

glory by the wounds of sacrifice;

God ... God ... God ... Blessed be God!

Let us adore you.

Sister Ruth SLG

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