Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Time is it in the World right now? Notes from Margaret Wheatley

In October I went to a public lecture by Margaret Wheatley the author of Leadership and the New Science, Turning to One Another and Perseverance.  She is a compelling speaker with wisdom for us.  So I thought I would like to share some of  my notes from her lecture.  She was speaking from the context of her new book, Perseverance.  This is a wonderful resource, each page holds wisdom on a particular topic that has to do with persevering in leadership and life.  It could be used as a daily meditation resource.  I have used quotes from it for leading worship, small groups and for my own spiritual practice.  I recommend it.  Here are some of my notes from her words that night:

What time is it in the world right now?
            - the era of doing more with less, especially time
            - increasing conflict
            - increased fear and anxiety
            - a time of blame, denial, avoidance

What time is it in the world right now?
-it’s just our turn to serve

-if we can look reality in the face then we can know where to serve

Who in your life has taught you to persevere?
-we weren’t brought up in a culture that thought this would be necessary
-everyday we must make a choice not to give up
-everyday we must make the choice to be conscious about what is going on and respond to it
-we cannot persevere without knowing how to deal with:
-these are just circumstances of every day life; not new to our culture
-it is not enough to have a bold vision, goals or passion
-must learn to move with life on life’s terms
-need to be prepared for when you will need discipline- that is perseverance
-can act out of bravery to try not to add to aggression of the world

Replace the words “I love you” with “I will stay awake with you”

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