Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week Begins

While at the recent Conference Leadership event, ‘Sowing Promise, Growing Leaders’, we heard Chris Corrigan, from Birkana, talk about being part of change in a living system, like the church.  He offered us some models that are motivating and speak to the nuts and bolts of effective leadership in times of flux and uncertainty.  All of it was inspiring.  The part that keeps ringing in my head is one comment that he made.  He said that the experience that we are having as the church in this time and place is similar to other systems that have been formative of our culture and are now being shaped differently by the culture itself.  He said that our church, the United Church, in all that we are doing to respond to our present experience, is doing hard work for more than just the church.  Our struggle, our heartache, our questioning, our innovating, our risk taking is all important work for the world in which we live.
As we begin Holy Week, let us be mindful, that the struggle for life in which we find ourselves, is important work for the whole world.  And…we are not alone.
Lori Megley-Best

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