Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Springtime Prayer

As we head into Easter this year I know more than a few of us are longing for more vibrant signs of spring. I am looking out the window of my office at a cherry tree that has only a few buds popping out. Even this treeIt seems to be looking longingly at the sky for any sign of the warmth that would cause it to bust forth with spring time joy! So this morning I offer a prayer from Joyce Rupp.
A Springtime Prayer

Ever-renewing and energizing Creator,
come, stir in my dormant spiritual limbs.

Wake up my tired prayer.
Revive my weary efforts of care.
Sing hope into my discouragement.

Wash my dusty, drab attitude
with the cleansing rains of your vision.

Go deep to my roots and penetrate my faith
with the vibrancy of your grace.

Shake loose the old leftover oak leaves
of my tenacious ego-centerdness.

Coax joy to sprout from my difficulties.
Warm the buds of my relationships
so they bloom with healthy love.

Clear out my wintered debris
with the wild breeze of your liberating presence.

Nudge me, woo me, entice me, draw me to you.

I give you my trust and my gratitude
as you grace my slowly thawing spirit.

Light-filled Being, my Joy and my Hope,
let the greening in me begin!
- Joyce Rupp

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