Monday, October 24, 2011

Holy Seasons

A few weeks ago I had cause to email Rabbi Laura Kaplan from Or Shalom Symagogue in Vancouver. It was just after Rosh Hashannah and right before three upcoming Jewish  holy days including Sukot. I received an auto reply saying that because of the Holy Days the rythym of the staff would be different. They would be less present to regular office duties and hours.
Wow, wouldn't that be great, I thought. To be relieved of the regular, daily administrative duties so that one could focus fully on preparation and presiding for special holy seasons  I immediately thought how different our Decembers would be if we did something like that. Honoring our time and especially our energy so that we weren't rushed and exhausted. What a gift for us and our congregations!
I wonder what keeps us from doing this?
I wonder what would change in our congregations if we did?
I wonder what would change in our relationship with God?

Blessings on your day
Lori Megley-Best

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