Monday, October 31, 2011


The people who selected the texts in the Common Lectionary didn’t pull punches!

Matthew 23:3 “.... since they (religious leaders) do not practice what they preach”.

How do we, as the religious leaders, embrace this text?

Bristling at the critique, and in an instant proving our lack of humility!

Saying nothing - so as not to prove Jesus right - and by our silence demonstrate arrogance!

Many people in Canadian society distrust religious institutions, our Church included. Even if they have not been in a church or read the Bible, they do think we do not practice what we preach. So a generic ‘spirituality of my own design’ feels a lot safer to many people.

We find ourselves in the double bind, the ‘catch 22’, of ‘Servant-Leader’.

If we embrace Jesus’ call and let go of the need to respond to it as a critique, but rather as a call, then we become authentic leaders. The solution to the ‘catch 22’ is contained within it: to practice -then preach.

The moral practice of this is obvious.

The spiritual practice of this produces the ‘evidence’ or ‘fruit’ which will attract others to follow Christ.

So ... how are you today? In your meditation practice? In your personal reading of scripture? In your connection to a spiritual director? In your compassionate transparency in listening to others? In setting aside your egoic needs for true self care?

And have the grace for yourself that you will do this perfectly imperfect. Or as Golda Meir said “Don’t be so humble, you’re not that great!”

“Preach the gospel always, and use words when necessary”

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