Friday, October 21, 2011

The Season of Vulnerability

You may have begun to discover that the seasons of the year always speak to me. Autumn is one of my favourites because it speaks so clearly of the transitions of life and death and rebirth.
the season of vulnerability,
when the great arms of oak
stretch their summer leaves to the wild October winds.

all that has been life adn green
is stripped from strong trees,
and the tall, wide branches seem to be deathly wounded.

across the lawns in layers
lie the near-dead leaves;
onto the forest floors they fall as if to say: "all is lost."

this is the season of vulnerability
when trees open wide to wounding,
when all the summer security is given away to another season.

wiser are the trees than humans
who clutch small arms round self,
shielding their fragile hearts and stifling future springtimes.

Joyce Rupp (Fresh Bread pg. 128)

In a time where all of us are working in some sort of transitional ministry we are encouraged to look to the lessons of this season and pray that we may become wise like the trees and let go of what needs to die. Celebrating life like the trees celebrating the end of the lifespan of the leaves -bursting forth in an array of colours offering up a 'death-dance' to the ground. Rather than shielding our fragile hearts and boxing in the way our lives are to go and therefore stifling future springtimes.

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