Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Barren Fig Tree

Today's thoughts: Monday of the Last Week, from Crossan & Borg's book "The Last Week"

Mark 11: 12-14
The Barren Fig Tree

... Jesus is hungry, sees a fig tree and is angry because it has no figs for him to eat.
Now, it was quite unreasonable of Jesus to expect there to be figs at this time of year (March-April) and just to make sure no one misses this point, Mark clarifies that in verse 13.

My older commentary* explains it by suggesting that verse 14 was added later and it is quite possible that the Triumphal entry (Mark 11:1-11) actually took place in the fall.
Borg and Crossan suggest that it’s more about symbolism than actual expectations.
What do you think?

God who makes things good in their time, may my understanding of your words and your way grow and blossom. Amen.
*Schweizer, Eduard (1970). The Good News According to Mark. Atlanta: John Knox Press
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