Monday, February 13, 2012


As we approach Valentine’s Day, we think about
Love.  And while Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating romantic love, it can also be a time to celebrate God’s presence as Love in the world.  Valentine’s Day can also remind us that we are conduits of that love in so many ways.  Take some time today, to use a Buddhist practice of sending Love into the world with the following prayer:

Sit quietly.  Invite Love to fill your mind, your soul, your body.
Summon it and wait patiently for the thoughts and sensations to come.
When you are filled with Love, offer thanksgiving.
Then send Love out into the world.  Send it to each direction, above and beyond, send it to those you love and those you don’t.  Send love to all the corners of the earth that come to mind.
Rest quietly in the state of Love.

P.S.  Pay attention to the actions that this prayer inspires for you.  Go into the world and do them.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

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