Friday, February 17, 2012


We all know that breathing is essential to life - most of the time we do it unconsciously - and every breath renews us.  When breathing is difficult we are in trouble!  We have to think about every breath - to force it past our clenched throats - to pull it into our lungs - and when it arrives we have a momentary sense of relief and then we have to do it again - soon!  We may well panic!

I’ve often said, and I do believe deeply that God is as near to every one of us as the air we breathe.  For me, much of the time, my awareness of that Holy Presence is much like my breathing - a kind of unconscious awareness that renews me for living day to day.  I’m grateful for that awareness that is so ingrained in me - but I know that when I stop and listen, when I become fully conscious of the blessing that surrounds and fills my very being, I am changed.  The change is like a deep renewing breath that gives me courage and assurance.

It’s so important to remember how near this One is - always ready to renew us.  And then it’s equally important for us to take the time we need to breathe deeply.  We are not alone!  Thanks be to God!

Sharon Copeman

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