Monday, February 20, 2012

Holding edges in the center

On the 50th anniversary of John Glenn’s triple orbit of the earth ...

Here are some more of Anthony DeMello’s little stories from “One Minute Wisdom”. I’ll be posting a few of them over the months. For some background, check the posting in this Blog for Nov 25, 2011 One Minute Wisdom

They are such delicious nuggets to ponder that I couldn’t choose just one for this post.

Enjoy as you ponder your own life this Lent.

Mechanicalness (p 35)

The Master once asked his disciples which was more important, wisdom or action.

The disciples were unanimous: “Action, of course. Of what use is wisdom that does not show itself in action?”

Said the Master. “And of what use is action that proceeds from an unenlightened heart?”

Charism (p 14)

The Disciple was a Jew. “What good work shall I do to be acceptable to God?”

“How should I know?” said the Master. “Your Bible says that Abraham practiced hospitality and God was with him. Elias loved to pray and God was with him. David ruled a kingdom and God was with him too.”

“Is there some way I can find my own allotted work?”

“Yes. Search for the deepest inclination of your heart and follow it.”

Meditation (p 24)

A disciple fell asleep and dreamed that he had entered Paradise. To his astonishment he found his Master and the other disciples sitting there, absorbed in meditation.

“Is this the reward of Paradise?” he cried.

“Why, this is exactly the sort of thing we did on earth!”

He heard a Voice exclaim. “Fool! You think those meditators are in Paradise? It is just the opposite -- Paradise is in the meditators.”

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